GOTS certified - Fashion for a clear conscience!

GOTS certified - Fashion for a clear conscience!

The abbreviation GOTS stands for the somewhat cumbersome term "Global Organic Textile Standard“. Behind it is a textile seal. This seal guarantees you that all GOTS-certified clothing has been produced under ecological and socially responsible standards along the entire production chain. We at Mademoiselle YéYé also carry GOTS-certified fashion and trust in that Seal.

Read on to find out what the seal means in detail for us and for you.

GOTS - what is it? 

At the latest with the "Who made my clothes?" campaign, many people became aware that not everything is running smoothly behind the scenes of the large fast fashion productions. Fewer and fewer people want to wear clothes that have been manufactured under intolerable conditions. But how do I as a consumer know whether the clothing meets social and ecological requirements?

The Global Organic Textile Standard – the seal of approval

For orientation, consumers (you) have different quality, eco and organic seals, such as the GOTS seal, available. Today the seal is recognized worldwide and currently represents one of the strictest standards in the textile sector.

In summary: The seal certifies that the entire production chain, from the extraction of raw materials to the labeling of the finished products, has been checked and controlled by independent bodies and according to strict ecological and social criteria.

With the  Global Organic Textile Standard the following areas of the textile value chain are covered:

  • Manufacturing (including fiber extraction, spinning and weaving)
  • Manufacturing (cutting and sewing)
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • trade and sales

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GOTS at Mademoiselle YéYé

"GOTS certified" - can be an entire company or just a certain part of the fabrics and materials produced. So it is up to the individual brands to what extent they want to be GOTS certified.

Many labels opt for the second variant - i.e. processing GOTS-certified fabrics. So do we at Mademoiselle YéYé. Why?

Making the entire collection out of cotton only limits the style possibilities. But there are other great sustainable materials such as. EcoVeroTM and TencilTM from the Austrian company LENZINGTM, by the way the most sustainable viscose there is. But this is another story….

The Global Organic Textile Standard – Good for skin, environment and people

We would also like to do our part to make the world more fair! The majority of our Mademoiselle YéYé items meet the strict criteria of the GOTS standard and are therefore allowed to bear the seal of approval.

100% organic natural fibers

You should also know that only natural fibers are GOTS certified. So only clothing consisting of at least 70% organic cotton. So it may be that some of your favorite items in our Mademoiselle YéYé Shop do not have a seal.

So that you know at first glance which of our garments are GOTS-certified, we have integrated the term "GOTS" into the title of the respective garment. Simply use the search function and the term "GOTS" to get an overview of all our certified parts.

Good for skin and environment

The absence of questionable chemicals in the cultivation and further processing of the fibers ensures that the clothing is very comfortable to wear on the skin. In addition, GOTS clothing is good for the environment, because in addition to skin-friendly, only ecologically harmless aids may be used. Popular (technical) quality requirements such as perspiration, abrasion, light and wash fastness are met by the certified clothing.

In addition, there are strict regulations as to how the fibers must be processed further and which substances may be used (e.g. when dyeing). In this way, environmentally friendly production can be guaranteed.

 Fair conditions for people

The seal also assures fair conditions and compliance with social standards for the people who make the clothes. Fair working conditions must be given during production. These include fair wages on the one hand and the ban on child and forced labor on the other. Only those who are willing to meet these social standards will receive GOTS approval!

Here you can find out more about the individual criteria of the seal

In the Global Organic Textile Standard there is no cheating!

To ensure that all criteria are met, lead Global Organic Textile Standard Employees carry out regularly announced but also unannounced checks at the labels. Violations will result in punishment and/or withdrawal of the seal.

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